Hello, my name is Tess  Chupinsky.

Through working (as a Nutrition Coordinator) I've found success helping others create habits, lifestyle changes and become the healthiest version of themselves. While doing so, I've searched for go-to sites where people can find all the tools (recipes, health facts, habits, fitness, etc) they need to succeed but have failed in finding what I'm looking for. I've decided to create a place where people can come to get the facts, the recipes and useful tips while making big life changes! 

I've launched this blog in hopes that the articles, recipes, fun facts, nutrition and exercise guidance can help those who are looking to make the change towards a healthier lifestyle. Whether you're new to fitness and health, pregnant for the first time, looking for a lifestyle make over or expanding your knowledge, Kraving Health will help provide you the guidance, advice and ideas that you need to succeed. 

If you're looking to expand your recipe list, interested in learning simple tips in the kitchen, trying to make over your diet, eating for "two" or looking for fitness tips, you've come to the right place! 

I'm a new mom that is going through some major life changes! I've personally made a lifestyle transition over the past 4 years and have never been happier with myself, my body and my relationships. I am truly thankful for having found fitness and health and give it credit to much of my life's satisfaction. Having gone through the changes myself, I realize how difficult it can be to change your eating, fitness and general way of life. I've found that much more goes into it than simply having people eat "this" not "that". For that reason, I wanted to provide my clients with a place where they can go to find creativity in cooking healthy, understand what it means to prepare yourself for success, how to eat healthy despite uncontrollable cravings and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while living a "normal" life. 

Follow me on pinterest and on Sunday's you'll know exactly what I'm meal prepping for the week based on my recipes pinned. On Instagram you'll find my main source of exercise documented- running with my doberman and my postpartum comeback. Twitter is all about the "feels" of the day- there are a lot of them these days! My facebook account has tons of shared information from other sites that I find useful. Also, subscribe to the blog so you don't miss out on the array of health and fitness topics that will be covered!