I'm THAT Mom

Oh you know, THAT mom. The mom whose baby only got breast milk. The mom whose baby was fed organic, home made, fruits and vegetables. The mom whose baby never received formula. The mom whose baby was NOT a gerber baby. The mom whose baby doesn't get to smash a cake with frosting. Yep, THAT mom. 

We all saw it coming. For heaven's sake, I have my husband drinking green juice and slurping green smoothies. I get upset and frustrated when he doesn't finish his vegetables at the dinner table. I hold in every ounce of frustration when I find a fast food receipt in his jeans pocket (okay, I don't hold it in. I let it out.. LOUD and CLEAR). 

I had the dog on a gluten free diet. The only reason I don't make her food is because I want to stay married to the man of my dreams. 

The only thing that goes in my mouth that comes out of a can or bottle or has a shelf life for more than 6 months is an alcoholic beverage. 

I knew it, my husband knew it, my family knew it... and my followers had a sneaky suspicion about it. I am the organic, non GMO, home-made-everything mom that you roll your eyes at. 

Before I dive deeper into THAT mom, I want to say I strongly suggest a balanced lifestyle. Not everything in moderation, but almost everything. I know I can't stop my husband from going to Raising Canes for lunch (even though I already packed him a healthy one). I can't turn down a margarita at a Mexican restaurant and I'm certainly not going to shield my child from cake at a friends birthday. But given my expertise, knowledge and experience I do feel obligated to do what I can to help set her up for a healthy life. 

I worked in the Nutrition industry long enough to see where the problem starts. It starts with soda in the house, convenient fast foods on the regular, not enough home cooked meals, frozen pizza for dinner, capri sun to drink and too many otter pops in the summer months to count. My career was a series of reversing the mindset of people who lived with unhealthy habits for years. Do you know how hard it is to change that? So, instead of setting my family up to be in the same situation I so frequently found my clients in, I'm encouraging a change. A change that embeds healthy habits into the brains of my littles so they don't struggle with health, wellness, weight, doctors appointments and so on into their adult life.

Once Upon A Farm

Spiced Apple

I was given the beautiful blessing to rear a spunky little girl. She has a CLEAN canvas and I am her first drawing. And I'm making it darn colorful. It has every color of the rainbow and more. Her palate has been introduced to raspberries, blueberries, sweet potatoes, salmon, spinach, kale, squash, beets (her favorite!), apples, pears, asparagus, broccoli (it finally grew on her), avocado, banana... and SO MUCH MORE. And as you've figured out... I make it all. If I'm not eating something that can sit on a shelf for 5 years, neither is she. Why? It's packed with preservatives. It has no nutritional value. Any vitamins and minerals that should be there, aren't. It's cooked and packaged in a way that strips the nutrition out of it. 

As a stay-at-home mom, I've had the luxury of making delicious blends of baby food. I have time, tools and desire on my hands but even then, life gets busy. Don't even get me started on all our travels lately! So, at the the local grocery store I spent 28 minutes in the baby food aisle reading the back of each of the labels (insert eye roll). All of which had tons of preservatives and again, had an unfathomably, long shelf life. Even the fun, squeeze packaged, trendy ones couldn't get past me. With our upcoming travels I knew I needed to find something I was satisfied with and could rely on. Instagram pulled through again and I was connected to the next best thing since my husband (we met on Instagram, by the way)... Once Upon A Farm.  

 So many unique, healthy, tasty flavors!

So many unique, healthy, tasty flavors!

Here's what I love:

  • Organic, Kosher, non-GMO
  • Nothing processed, no concentrates and NO PRESERVATIVES!
  • Must be Refrigerated (this may seem inconvenient... but this lets me know ITS REAL FOOD!)
  • Awesome blends- like apple, vanilla and ginger which was AMAZING
  • Pouches allow for convenient eating and Harper can self serve (she currently spits out her food when she decides she doesn't want it, so this lets her take the reigns... less mess!)

Honestly, from the bottom of my heart, if you're a busy mom looking for the BEST nutrition for your child without having to prepare it yourself, don't look any further. Once Upon A Farm is the best you'll find AND THAT'S A PROMISE! 

They have a free trial- pick 8 different blends that will be delivered straight to your door step! 

I still really enjoy making Harper's food, but I'm looking forward to the convenience of these grab-n-go packs for our flight to Kansas on Tuesday! We'll be there 5 days, and the thought of preparing all the food in advance, storing it and then figuring out a way to feed it to her without a high chair-- way too much for me to handle! I know my limits and thanks to this brand, I don't have to exceed them. 

Last but not least, I know not every one shares the same nutritional values that I do for my family and that is OKAY! As for me and my family- I believe in prevention of disease through nutrition. I believe in distinguishing a healthy relationship with food starting at a young age. I know I have a limited time to make my mark on my daughters nutritional habits and I don't have time to waste. And if you feel this way too but lack in time, I want you to know you have options like Once Upon A Farm. If your focus and priority is elsewhere with your family, that's your right as a parent and I promise I'm not judging! Just try not to roll your eyes too much at this fruit and veggie loving, health nut of a mama!

What are some must have products that make parenthood easier/more convenient for you? I love coming together as moms and sharing secrets and tips. It's a hard job, I'll take all the help I can get!