Lyfe Fuel Protein Review

By now we all know my love and dependency on protein powder, but Lyfe Fuel has taken it to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. 

I'm a complete ingredient junky. How many grams of protein? Sugar? Vitamins? Can I pronounce the ingredients? Tons of preservatives? I look at it all then weigh out the pros and cons. There was nothing wrong with the previous protein powder I was using (and I still LOVE it) but I wanted more of an all-in-one option. Meaning, instead of buying my greens, protein and fiber separately, I wanted my protein to be jam packed with it all! 

Instead of just telling you it's good, I'm going to break down why it's REALLY good. Here it goes:

Vitamins & Minerals

The first thing that really stands out is the amount of vitamins and minerals in this protein. There is certainly enough to consider it a meal replacement if you so choose! Not only is it loaded with vitamins and minerals, they are also in their most absorbable form! If you use the protein daily, you could do away with that big horse pill of a multivitamin you've been forcing down every morning. 


This is a Vegan Protein which might not be necessary for ALL but is ESSENTIAL to ME! It is a mixture of pea protein and organic sprouted rice protein which makes it a fine candidate for those who need to avoid dairy and gluten! It has 18g of plant protein per serving. If you're currently using a whey protein and feeling bloated and gassy, it might be time to switch to vegan! 

Organic Superfood Blend

Remember those "greens" I mentioned in the first paragraph? Well, this protein is PACKED with them. It's loaded with powerful super foods that will help fuel your cells, aid in digestion, support your immune system and provide you with servings of fruits and vegetables you might not otherwise get. I ALWAYS suggest first getting your nutrients from REAL food but SUPPLEMENTING as an insurance policy. Supplements are here to SUPPLEMENT an already healthy diet. Wheatgrass powder, Barleygrass powder, spirulina, dandelion, tart cherry powder, grapeseed powder... Just to name a FEW. 


The superfood blend will aid in digestion but this protein also contains a proprietary enzyme blend- amylase, cellulase, lactase, lipase and protease that will help digest foods! For those who don't know but wish to know, amylase helps breakdown starch into simple sugars, cellulase converts cellulose into glucose, lactase helps breakdown the sugar in milk, lipase breaks down fats and protease helps to breakdown proteins! In addition to those wonderful catalysts, it also contains a probiotic blend (healthy bacteria that promote digestion). In my educated opinion, it really doesn't have enough probiotics to make it extremely effective and I'd suggest continuing a second probiotic, but each little bit can't hurt! 


I already love Chai... but Vanilla Chai?! So good! I haven't tried the chocolate yet, but after trying Vanilla Chai, I have no doubt it will be equally as tasty! I've tested it in my smoothies, my morning Protein Chia Oats and my most recent guilt-free sweet treat: Vanilla Almond Protein Balls. All were a smashing success. 


I really want to provide you with the good, the bad and the ugly. As far as the bad goes, the only the I can really come up with is that it contains Stevia. Which, for me isn't a problem. I totally don't mind the taste! BUT, I know some people have an aversion to stevia, so, if you're one of those people, perhaps this won't be for you! As for ugly, I couldn't find anything ugly about this protein! 

If you're body and digestive system aren't used to the superfoods, then I'd slowly ease yourself into the protein and allow your body to adjust. Chugging down a plethora of super foods that you've never experienced could lead to bloating and gas, so take it slow, allow your gut to build up healthy bacteria, and you'll be good to go! 

My whole intention of this blog is to provide you with the means to live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, and this protein gets the thumbs up! Thank you, Lyfe Fuel for providing an awesome supplement! 

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Let me know in the comments what you look for in protein? Do you currently use a good one? Have you tried Lyfe Fuel? I love hearing from you!