Mother's Day Gifts For The Health Nut

Happy Mother's Day to all the great mothers, mother's to be, mothers-in-law, step mothers and anyone else I'm forgetting. Being a first time mother myself, I am just skimming the surface of what it means to be a mother, it's significance in your life and your child's and how wonderful it truly is. 

I mean, if I were to go on and on about motherhood and all of it's glory, this could quickly turn into a soap opera blog post. I'll spare you though. Us mother's know how silly in love we are, how clothes that no longer fit can bring tears to our eyes, how firsts are happy AND sad, and how true it is that the moments pass by slow but the years fly in the blink of an eye. 

There is a reason there is a day dedicated to mother's. The job is darn hard. You work around the clock-24/7, with no additional pay, too many sleepless nights to count, no vacations, no sick days and certainly no recognition of the wonderful job you're doing until they are.... 16.. errr... 20? Actually, probably not until they are mother's themselves, let's be honest. 

If you're a mom and reading this, you're doing a great job. Whether you've got 5 kids, 2 kids, old kids, new kids, the job comes with extreme patience, sacrifice and lots of on the job learning (and heaven forbid you make a mistake). 

As a health conscience mom, I've compiled my ultimate Mother's Day wish list!

Milk Frother

I've been trying to do away with unhealthy coffee creamer for like a decade. I've got high hopes if I can just make my own **Starbucks Cafe Latte, I could do away with my chemical prone International Delight Coffee Creamer! Plus, any mom who doesn't drink coffee is a weird, weird creature. There's not enough coffee for a job this big! 


Don't tell my husband, but I bought myself one. Why wake up to get my workout in before the hubs leaves for work when it's the perfect nap time activity. Any mom who loves to run deserves a treadmill. As mother's, we wear more hats that can fit on our heads and it's important to be able to do the things we need to for US. 

Grain Brain

I've been on the hunt for a good read, and I've heard a multitude of great things about this book! If not this one, click on over to the link and find any nutrition related book for your health nut of a momma. You can never know TOO much!

Ninja Blender

Okay, I'm guilty of already having one, but seriously, BEST BLENDER EVER. I use it for my easiest, most nutritious meal of the day (my smoothie!), I use it to make baby food, I use it to make salsa, I use it to make guilt-free sweet treats. It's my go-to for everything! 

Vegan Protein Powder

This isn't real exciting, but I go through protein powder like Harper (the 8 month old that made me a mother) goes through diapers. Obviously, check with the momma in your life and see what protein she uses, and if she needs recommendations, here you have it! Thorne Research Protein Powder is THE BEST! Healthy (1-3 grams of sugar depending on chocolate or vanilla), loads of vegan protein (pea and rice) and tastes delicious. 

I get to spend mother's day partially in Cancun, in the air, and then get to end it with my baby in my arms! I hope you all are spoiled with tons of love!