Eat What The Nutritionist Eats Part 2

It doesn't stop at one breakfast ladies and gents. About 4 hours after I eat my first meal {check out Eat What The Nutritionist Eats Part 1} I'm gearing up for my next throw down. 

Some time between breakfast number 1 and breakfast number 2, I sneak away for a work out. I say 'sneak' because I'm either trying to leave the house with my husband and baby still fast asleep or 'sneak' away for a run without the dog noticing that I didn't invite her. Don't judge! The only time the dog is left behind is when I'm hitting the gym or have to make it a stroller run! Lately, I'm all about quality versus quantity {time} when it comes to working out. I'm still figuring out if I'm rushing to get home for my second breakfast or rushing to get home for baby. Any harm in a little of both?

Most days I run but occasionally {1x a week, 2x if it's a REALLY good week} I make it to the gym for some strength training. Either work out leaves me famished {coupled with breastfeeding- which is a workout in itself!} and I'm ready for my trustee cup of goodness. No, I'm not talking about a third cup of coffee {although, some days I wish I was}. Alright, some days I do take a third cup... but ONLY in social situations, I promise. Second meal of the day comes in liquid form, packed with nutrients, supplemented with protein powder and a lot of times is green... Yep, you guessed it. SMOOTHIE. 

My smoothies are like my insurance policy. It's HARD to pack in 9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Especially when one meal a day {that doesn't include veggies} is stuck in stone, no if ands buts about trying to change it! Due to fruit being so high in sugar, I tend to focus more on vegetables. As much as I love vegetables... 9 servings is A LOT! So, I stuff it all into my Ninja blender and turn it into a delicious virus fighting, cancer fighting, bacteria fighting, health promoting, hair growing, skinny smoothie! 

Through out this post you may catch on that I'm methodical with what I'm putting in my body and look to food as medicine, fuel and for the health of it. I'm not as crazy as it might appear though {you know when someone says their not crazy, they're REALLY crazy, right?} and I eat for the social fun of it too. 

The Doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather cure and prevent disease with nutrition.
— Thomas Edison

Some where along the way, the concept of food as been misconstrued. It's turned into happiness, social settings, events, family gatherings, for the love of taste, etc. We've gotten away from the importance that food plays on our health and figure. I mention figure only because it is an visible, outward expression of how healthy we are on the inside {most times}. So, drink up, eat up, be merry and don't ditch all the unhealthy foods, but be kind to your body and feed it a cup of nutrition daily! 

Have you ever heard a mom say to her kid, "You need to eat your vegetables!" or "Two more bites!"? {I say this to my husband as well.... } It's funny how we are concerned with what our kids are putting into their body's yet we tend to neglect our own. 

No more of that. I challenge you to a smoothie a day. In our house we have a smoothie every day of the week and then take a break on the weekends {compromise between me and my veggie hater hubs}. 

The rule of the smoothie is:

  1. Must have vegetables.
  2. Must have protein {I use Sunwarrior protein powder}.
  3. Must taste good.

If you've already joined my Daily Smoothie in 2017, then you're already ahead of the game and equipped with recipes. If not, head over to BEET-IFUL and grab the recipe for our first smoothie of the year! 

If you have a great blender, share with us in the comments below! I use the Ninja, which I've come to love, but don't have a ton of experience with other blenders. Ninja chops up the spinach so much so that if my husband didn't see me adding it to the smoothie, it's likely he wouldn't even know it was in there. I realize I mention this blender a lot, but I swear it's one of our most used kitchen tools! Every day use, kind of used and has held up for 4 years now!

Food for thought {no pun intended}...

Food can be the safest form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.
— Anne Wigmore

It's typically nap-time now {FOR THE BABY!} so you can find me making the bed, putting in the laundry and sitting down with my smoothie blogging my life away... Until lunch, friends!