Eat What The Nutritionist Eats Part 3

Not that sitting at a computer perusing and writing is a huge appetite builder, but come 11am or 12pm I'm typically hungry again anyway. Remember, I wake up around 4-5am. And yes, that means by roughly noon I've already consumed 3 meals. 

I should mention that I ONLY eat when I'm hungry and I definitely don't eat if I'm not hungry. I've found that being on a non-schedule, schedule, it's easier to listen to my body. When I was working full-time, I was watching the clock like a hawk watching it's prey and counting down the minutes until I would have a break just long enough to suck something down. Now, I mosey out of my office and into the kitchen when my stomach growls rather when the clock says 'LUNCH TIME'. 

So, in typical baby fashion, right about the time I'm ready for lunch, the baby is too. It was a REALLY rough transition, but I've finally adjusted to the "feed the kids first" mentality. When I'm hungry, I'm HUNGRY. Mostly due to ignoring my first several cues of hunger. But I've finally learned the whole you-should-quit-what-your-doing-and-eat-while-you-have-the-chance deal. First time mom, slowly learning the hard way! 

I feel like I'm dancing around the actual 'lunch' because it's the hardest for me to pin down. Unlike my breakfast {that stays the same, ALWAYS}, and my second breakfast {that just slightly changes}, lunch seems to be quite variable. I usually spend way too much time Pinterest-ing inspiration for salads to make for the week or I browse my archives for salad recipes.

Typically, I make a big salad on Sunday's for me to eat for the entire week. Meal prepping ahead of time just makes adhering to healthy eating so much easier. And I prefer not to spend a portion of my morning cooking a gourmet lunch for one. Eating salads has this magical way of making me feel really good about myself. It also helps that I REALLY like them. The Kale Tahini Bowl above was SO tasty and delicious and probably one of my top favorites. It's also the most recent salad to touch my tastebuds after being on repeat last week.


Building the perfect salad: 

  • Base: a good GREEN base also known as lettuce, romaine, kale, spinach, arugula, etc. 
  • More Veggies: the base is never enough veggie for me. My staples are onion, tomato and cucumber.
  • Herbs: if you don't cook with herbs then you've got a lot to learn. They pack so much flavor into any dish. Basil, cilantro and parley are ALWAYS in my grocery cart!
  • Protein: Don't skip this part! Protein should be at every meal. It can be in the form of meat, fish, grains, etc. I mentioned I'm a vegetarian, right? Well, I guess pescetarian would be the correct term. I eat fish occasionally. 
  • Healthy Fats: Avocado makes everything taste good, especially salads! Nuts are also a great option. Or both. Keep in mind that most dressing is compromised of fats so try not to over-do it. 
  • Dressing: ALWAYS homemade. It's so easy and SO MUCH HEALTHIER! 

There is a reason you need these 6 things to make up your salad. If you do not add all of the above it wont be nearly as tasty, but more importantly, you'll be hungry 30 minutes after consuming. So, if you're going to eat a salad, eat it right, make it light, yet filling enough to tie you over until dinner. I'm never concerned with calories and my goal of a salad is NUTRIENTS not low-cal... hence the fats and proteins I'm recommending you add. The sooner you let go of 'calories' the closer you'll be to your goal. 

I almost ALWAYS eat lunch at home. If fact, almost every meal is at home. A 4 month old doesn't make going out to eat very relaxing, which is a shame {because I really love Sammy's & Yard House} yet a blessing because my pants fit a lot looser. I'm talking about my pre-pregnancy pants. My a-little-too-skinny skinny jeans. So, in closure: meal prep lunch. 

Dinner is just around the corner! Check back next week!