Eat What The Nutritionist Eats Part 4


I've found through personal experience and through my clients that the time between lunch and dinner seems to be the hardest. You have that afternoon cortisol dip. You're low on energy. The carb cravings start revving up. You're trying to hold out until dinner.... but your hungry. 

My big saving grace? I don't have a pantry. No boxed foods, no protein bars, no canned foods, no chips, no crackers, no cereal, no oreos... I have nothing delicious stashed away which is an absolute blessing on night's like last night when I'm waiting for my husband to get home {and he's late} and I'm starving. In the time I was waiting I would have eaten an entire bag of Doritos, if we had any. Instead, I grabbed a few carrots and stood staring impatiently out the window waiting for his car to pull in. YUM. 

What I do have to snack on are apples, clementines, carrots and hummus... and occasionally (okay, more than occasionally) I make guilt-free sweet treats . A lot of times I keep it simple out of pure convenience and a little bit for the health of it. And who over eats on apples? NO ONE. 

So, maybe you're thinking, "What about nuts? Whats wrong with them?". Well, absolutely nothing. In fact, they are full of nutrients and healthy fats and I promote eating them. But me? I buy a 2 pound bag for a recipe and eat it by the handful in 2 days. I just can't quit them. It's like I have absolutely no control over my hand reaching into the bag for my 5th handful as I'm telling myself no. So, instead of loosing the internal argument over another handful, I try to limit how often I buy them. However, I usually talk myself into a bag or two at the grocery store. And then I separate them into serving sizes like I won't just steal from tomorrow's serving. I never give up on myself though... I keep going back thinking 'this week I'll be better' and I usually prove myself wrong. So, I've given up the fight... after a particularly 'nutty' week, I'll avoid them like the plague for a week or two, but they ALWAYS find their way back to me. And for what it's worth, I think they are a GREAT snack, but I do suggest portioning them out because I have a feeling I'm not the only one who can get carried away with several handfuls.

Usually around 4pm I notice some twinge of hunger grumbling deep from within. At this point I make the executive decision whether I'm going to grab one of my unimpressive snacks or have dinner early {yep, sometimes I don't bother waiting for the hubs!}. Depending on what I did that day, how big my lunch was, what time I'm making dinner or if there are any nuts, depends on whether I fit in a snack. 

I never like going into dinner TOO hungry because:

  1. I try to be pleasant when the hubs comes home after a long day {and I can never be held accountable for the things I say out of hanger}.
  2. I inhale my dinner, then search for more dinner. 

My take on snacks? If you're hungry, eat 'em. If you're not, don't. Don't make them so good that you'll gobble them down regardless. Use snacking as an opportunity to fit in an extra serving of fruit or vegetables or otherwise healthy nutrients.

One last thing. I've been working on something HUGE! So, obviously I eat like a nutritionist because I AM the nutritionist but It took me a LONG TIME and plenty of life experience to figure out how to eat without being on a diet, feeling trapped, yo-yoing between low carb and low calorie, gaining weight and losing weight and failing multiple times in the process. I've laid out the secret steps to lasting results, longevity, health, balance, the ability to watch your kids grow old, time and you’re best self ever without having to go on a “diet”. The 5 steps I walk you through have gone through the test of time, my personal experience and have been the foundation of success of many of my clients. You can be successful too! To be notified of my E-Book launch, add your e-mail below!