Products I Use And Why

I'm a "real food" enthusiast all the way. That means, I'm ALLLLL about obtaining as many nutrients as possible from food. Food that comes from the ground {and trees}. You know, fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains. And I like these food in their natural forms {ie.. NOT PROCESSED}. BUT, there are a few supplements {supplements, meaning supplementing a REAL FOOD diet} that I can't live without. Below are a list of products I use daily, with a detailed explanation of WHY. 

By clicking on any of the photos below, you will be directed to amazon where you are able to purchase if you so wish! 

1. Protein Powder

Being a vegetarian (pescatarian, rather), I find it difficult to get the appropriate amount of protein needed daily. I start every day off with a fruit AND veggie smoothie which is flavorful and substantial thanks to my protein powder! I also enjoy a little afternoon delight (protein pudding) once the cravings hit! 

Aim for 1g of protein per pound of body weight. It's a hard thing to do without some assistance from some good quality protein powder!


2. L-Glutamine

Glutamine is an amino acid known to improve gut health. Your gut is responsible for ABSORBING nutrients. In the event your gut is damaged (due to toxins, sensitivities, sugar, stress, etc) your body will be unable to absorb nutrients the way it's intended. Glutamine helps mend the lining of the gut which in turn increase absorption, decreases gas and bloating, aids in regularity, etc! 

I add this to my bowl of Chia Oats every morning, as well as my protein smoothie!


3. Pre-Natal Vitamin

Okay, I know what you're thinking, "Gummy vitamin?! Seriously? What are you...5?". No! But sometimes us adults (sometimes I still find it hard to believe I'm THE adult, when did that happen and how can I make it stop??!) need a little motivating from a yummy, little, chewy, goodness too!

And I've dove into the label- it's good stuff! It seriously is! Obviously not everyone is pregnant or breastfeeding, but they have a regular multivitamin too! If you're one of those, "I prefer to get my nutrients from food" kind of people, I get you! But the reality is, it's just not possible! So, if you want your body functioning at optimal levels (and I'm not sure why you wouldn't) then take a multivitamin!



If you follow my Instagram, this is the product I use in my infamous "Protein Pudding". I strategically have this in the afternoon to ward off any sugar cravings and hold me over until dinner. 

UCAN stabilizes blood sugar. Stable blood sugar means no sugar spikes. No sugar spikes mean no sugar crashes. No sugar crashes means NO SUGAR CRAVINGS! Aside from that, it offers long lasting, sustainable energy all day long, as well as, provide energy for workouts of all genres- weights, running, yoga, endurance, crossfit! 

I've shared my go-to-can't-live-with-out products, now it's your turn to share yours! What products do you use and why? If there's something amazing out there, I need to know about it!